Friday, February 23, 2007


frje said...

Quite sufficiently forthcoming
(with understandableness, and yet withholding in enough understandableness coupled with certain included clues)
to render the work excellent
(in at least those both two branches, one forked)
in wonderfulnesses to render the work worthy of inclusion in the soon to be eternally highly lauded: VanDonslearistics: the 2007's ones.

Bryan said...

Thank you for that commentary, frje.

Craig Newsom said...

These boys are ready to rough-house! While their terms may have been marked with banality, foibles and naivete - you have brought forth a kind of homespun frontiersman-like bravado in their representation.

This is visually how I would expect their spirits to be as produced in a Ouija board session: gruff but loveable.

Bryan said...

Thank you, Craig.

It was a rough and tumble time. I think I heard that way back then instead of elections they held bare-knuckle boxing matches between candidates and the winner took all.