Monday, September 03, 2007


Craig Newsom said...

Some things occurred to me looking at this one. I'm starting to see some very graphics oriented stuff in this - there's a nod to Haight-Asbury concert posters in many of these and sometimes there's a kind of Scandinavian design element to them - especially those little faces.

Do you think of these as operating in a communications framework? Could you? Would you see them that way?

I mean - thinking of it all entirely outside of the usual high-low comparisons between graphic design and fine art...

Bryan said...

I am not sure I understand what you mean exactly by graphics oriented stuff.

I also am not sure about what you mean by a communications framework.

There is literally no planning or even a whole lot of self-consciousness about what I am putting down. I just start scribbling around and then responding until something interesting starts to happen.

If I am reading something, words will come in. Something on the tv may enter in. Something I was thinking about during the day may enter in.

I am not sure how to respond because I don't think I am quite sure what you are asking me. Though I am open to these ideas and would like to hear more about them.

Craig Newsom said...

What I'm trying to say in a very convoluted way is this - some of these - especially this one - makes me think of graphic design.

It seems very purposeful. Very communicative.

So it's really interesting to find that there isn't a lot of planning.

Because it looks like it has been very well planned, very well designed and conscious of a number of design trends, issues and motifs.

It's probably still not very clear.